A family office specializing in private equity and real estate investments.


Who we are

We are a family office with headquarters in Pittsburgh and investments located around the United States, particularly in start-ups and limited real-estate partnerships.

In 1976 Gerald McGinnis started Respironics, a company that made the first CPAP, or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machine for treating sleep apnea. He founded Respironics in his wife's kitchen in Monroeville PA, hence the name of our investment group, Audrey's Kitchen.  Royal Dutch Philips acquired Respironics in 2010. A portion of the proceeds of Respironics' sale funded the family limited partnership named "Audrey's Kitchen" in 2010.

Currently, Audrey's Kitchen is located at Alloy 26 on Pittsburgh’s north side with insights into Pittsburgh-based start-up companies and the Carnegie Mellon entrepreneurial ecosystem.